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Parish Plan: 5-Year Outlook

Parish Plan: 5-Year Outlook

Our Parish Pastoral Plan was developed using Epiphany’s Vision and Mission as its guide. Our Vision succinctly describes the parish as we wish to be known in the future and our Mission defines what we have set out to do together. The goals, objectives and action items in this plan all work in partnership to realize this vision.  The goals identify five specific results we believe must be achieved in order to realize our Vision.  The objectives and action plans convey ideas on how to accomplish the goals.  

Goal 1:    Spiritually nourish the faith of parishioners to be the “Heart and Hands of Christ.”

Goal 2:    Encourage parishioner support of the parish mission through the commitment of their time, talent and treasure.

Goal 3:    Provide and manage the financial resources necessary to support existing operations and missions, and to ensure the long-range viability of our parish.

Goal 4:    Improve communication channels to assure parish information is organized and easily accessible.

Goal 5:    Provide a quality faith-based education and assure the long-term viability of Epiphany Cathedral School.

How is God calling me?

At the end of each GOAL you will see passages in gold highlighting actions you can take to further your faith journey with Jesus Christ and carry His Good News.

  • I will join the …………………..
  • I will participate in …………………..
  • My family can …………………..

We ask you to reflect on ways you and your family can further our mission by sharing your Time, Talents, and Treasure. 
To get involved, email: inquiries@epiphanycathedral.org or 941.484.3505.

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Table of Contents
Letter from Father Jack
5-Year Outlook
Goal #1 – Spiritually Nourish the Faith of Parishioners
Goal #2 – Sharing Our Time, Talent and Treasure
Goal #3 – Promoting Financial Resources
Goal #4 – Improving Communications
Goal #5 – Advancing the Vision of Epiphany Cathedral School
Stewardship as a Way of Life
How is God Calling You?