Epiphany Cathedral Catholic Church

Bible Study

Bible Study


Tuesday Morning

Discussion of upcoming weekend scripture readings and lessons from previous weekend homilies. No prior knowledge of Scripture is necessary. All Catholics and non-Catholics are welcomed. A book of the Bible is discussed during  the winter months.

Meet: Tuesdays, 9:10 to 11:00 

Contact: Sue Barone  485-2941  or  Don Corrigan  496-9308


Tuesday Evening

Reading and discussion of the upcoming Sunday Scripture readings. 

Meet: Tuesdays, 7:00pm 

Contact: Mary Wright 488-2567 or wrightstuff5@comcast.net



This group uses the Catholic Serendipity Bible for its study of the Scriptures. Discussion of the questions in this Bible follow our readings.

Meet: September- April, Thursdays, 10:00am.

Contact:  Maryann Gilmour  485-6133 or  maregil@verizon.net

                 and Inge Murphy  488-0241 or ingedon730@verizon.net