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Adoration - Chapel Update

Adoration - Chapel Update

There is much anticipation for our future Perpetual Adoration Chapel.  And, while ground breaking took place November 3, 2017 and work began shortly thereafter, as with all building projects, there have been unexpected delays with permits, work materials, weather, etc.,.  However, the work does continue.  We trust that by the time it nears completion God will provide the 336  adorers and an additional 100  substitutes which are  needed before we can begin adoration in our new chapel. 

As of June 18, 2018 we have 256 hours covered with an additional 80 hours uncommitted..   Once all the hours are filled, every adorer will be contacted via telephone and email to confirm the day and hour or hours they requested agree with the information we have on file.

We will also confirm everyone’s contact information as we plan to post their information on line. Only adorers with an assigned password will have access  to the adorers contact list.  Hard copies will also be available. 

Please visit our Adoration web page for chapel and adoration updates. Or, contact Jenny Holaday at 941-441-7495  or email: holaday@epiphanycathedral.org for assistance.

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Pictured: Jenny Holaday, Adoration Chapel Coordinator; Fr. Costello, Rector; Gregg Hassler Sr. of Hassler Building; Skip Paschke of Fireside Homes; Joe Vuono, parishioner; and Tim DelVescovo, Architect.  fbnqmn0shmw2vj7rqvlrtp562ol.jpg  absvalmn6twa8slw3xe4njpf91l.jpg  mlas9talpz2f2d31yz0patkb28l.jpg