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Parish Plan - Goal #2

Parish Plan - Goal #2


Goal 2: Encourage parishioner support of the parish mission through the commitment of their time, talent and treasure.

Theological Perspective:
The life of a Christian steward models the life of Jesus.  It is challenging and even difficult, in many respects, yet intense joy comes to those who take the risk to live as Christian stewards. Women and men who seek to live as stewards learn that "all things work for good for those who love God" (Romans 8:28).   
- U.S. Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Stewardship

Objective #1: Further strengthen the awareness and commitment of parishioners to distinguish Epiphany Cathedral as a “Stewardship Parish”.

Action plans include:

  • Expand education of “Stewardship as a Way of Life” to all parishioners, especially families, young adults, children and youth.
  • Increase Adult Faith Formation program opportunities that focus on parishioners utilizing their talents to live as good stewards (i.e. outside speakers, “Living Your Strengths”, etc.)
  • Continue marketing campaigns to include impact publication of Stewardship initiative results of the contributions from parishioner’s time, talent and treasure.

Objective #2: Encourage parishioners to commit their time and talent to generate a 5% increase annually  in “pledges” on Commitment Sunday.

Action plans include:

  • Encourage participation on Commitment Sunday through pre-Mass announcements, testimonials, and communications with Ministry Leaders.
  • Report stewardship goals and level of participation through recurring communications.
  • Integrate and translate Stewardship marketing materials for Epiphany’s Spanish and Polish communities to further engage them in living a stewardship way of life.

Objective #3: Encourage stewardship of treasure to increase offertory collections and Catholic Faith Appeal by 5% per year.

Action plans include:

  • Expand communications to educate parishioners on the need for tithing and the programs supported. This includes personal meetings with clergy, witness talks, annual reports, and demonstrations of impacts made in communities.
  • Educate parishioners about the fiscal, material and ministerial needs of the parish to maintain outreach efforts, education programs, and buildings and grounds.
  • Offer financial management workshops to support parishioners with personal finances including budgeting, debt management, and retirement plans.
  • Inform our church family about the Catholic Faith Appeal participation through consistent communications.

“Stewardship is what I do after I say I believe”   - The Most Reverend Robert Morneau, Retired Auxiliary Bishop of Green Bay, WI)

How is God calling me to take action?


  • I will participate in Faith Formation programs (Ex. Catechist, Living Your Strengths, RCIA, Vacation Bible School, etc.)
  • I will volunteer in youth ministry (ex. food ministry, retreats/conferences)
  • I will commit to an annual spiritual retreat
  • I will pray and reflect on my financial support of the parish
  • My family will be involved with an outreach program
  • I will provide hospitality by assisting with food or drinks at various church programs

My List:                                                                                                            

  • ___________________________________
  • ___________________________________

To get involved, email: inquiries@epiphanycathedral.org or (941)484-3505.

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Letter from Father Jack
5-Year Outlook
Goal #1 – Spiritually Nourish the Faith of Parishioners
Goal #2 – Sharing Our Time, Talent and Treasure
Goal #3 – Promoting Financial Resources
Goal #4 – Improving Communications
Goal #5 – Advancing the Vision of Epiphany Cathedral School
Stewardship as a Way of Life
How is God Calling You?