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Parish Plan - Goal #5

Parish Plan - Goal #5


Goal 5: Provide a quality faith-based education and ensure the long-term viability of Epiphany Cathedral School. 

Theological Perspective:
“Epiphany Cathedral School provides excellence in education which nurtures a loving relationship with God and builds a caring community to serve others.”   - Epiphany Cathedral School’s Mission Statement


Objective #1: Increase revenue through fund-raising efforts by 5% per year.

Action plans include:

  • Increase the Annual Fund to 10% of School’s Operating Budget.
  • Increase participation in the parish community in special fund-raising events (Giving Challenge, School Gala, Casino Nights and Garage Sale) to raise $100,000.
  • Generate major gifts to raise $200,000 for a Sports Complex.


Objective #2: Strive for ever-higher levels of academic excellence.

Action plans include:

  • Provide professional development programs for staff.
  • Continue arts programming and participation, partnering with community resources.
  • Recognize student achievements in educational competition.
  • Implement use of technology devices to engage students in critical thinking and real-world readiness (i.e. interactive, multi-media screens for all classrooms).
  • Become STREAM (Science-Technology-Religion-Engineering-Art-Math) certified.
  • Integrate foreign language and world culture programs.
  • Expand extracurricular programs for students.
  • Maintain standardized testing results which demonstrate the school average at or above the twentieth percentile nationally.


Objective #3: Increase student enrollment by 10% annually.

Action plans include:

  • Continue leveraging School Board Marketing and Enrollment Committees.
  • Build relationships with surrounding parishes to encourage increased student enrollment from those parishes.


Objective #4: Maintain and expand facilities and equipment to serve their educational purpose.

Action plans include:

  • Update and strengthen the security system on the campus.
  • Increase Internet bandwidth to support advancing technological needs.
  • Build outdoor playground and sports facilities.
  • Install hydraulic elevator to service individuals with disabilities.
  • Remodel gymnasium to allow use for indoor sports.

How is God calling me to take action?


  • I will pray for the success of Epiphany Cathedral School and all those who support the ministry of Catholic education
  • I will promote Catholic education to increase enrollment
  • I will be a Tuition Angel providing financial support (any amount) to students in need
  • I will support the athletic programs by coaching school teams
  • I will share my professional skills by tutoring students

 My List:                                                                                                            

  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________

To get involved, email: inquiries@epiphanycathedral.org or (941)484-3505.

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5-Year Outlook
Goal #1 – Spiritually Nourish the Faith of Parishioners
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Goal #5 – Advancing the Vision of Epiphany Cathedral School
Stewardship as a Way of Life
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