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Legacy Society


The last Will and testament is a widely popular legal instrument used by many in our society. Though most people are aware they need a Will, as many as 64% of Americans don’t have one. A Will is a unique legal document that must meet specific state requirements to be valid, a “living document” until you die – meaning it can be changed, amended, or updated at any time. However, when death occurs, the last Will and testament is final and becomes the controlling document (with a few exceptions) that instructs how and to whom assets are distributed.

Peace of Mind

There is much to be said for the peace of mind that accompanies a well thought out Will. You are assured that your assets will be distributed on your terms in a thoughtful way. You can provide for the specific needs of loved ones. Through a Will, critical decisions are made by you – not the state, the court, or person you may hardly know.

Clarity of Intent

Your Will is a legally enforceable document used by the court to control the disposition of your assets. It is an ideal way to make certain your wishes are known and ultimately fulfilled.

Service to Others

Your Will can also be viewed as a gift to family, friends and/or charities. Because your decisions are documented, you relieve loved ones of the difficult job of trying to decide how you would have wanted assets to be distributed. That alone is a gift to them.

If you have a Will and/or a trust currently, or have plans to create one, we hope you might consider including a gift to Epiphany Cathedral Parish and/or School. You can be the “Heart and Hands of Christ” by leaving a legacy gift, ensuring that future generations will benefit from the many ministries of Epiphany Cathedral Parish and School. If you have already named Epiphany Cathedral Parish and/or School as a beneficiary in your Will or trust – we sincerely THANK YOU! If you have not already, please consider letting us know your intentions. If you have questions, or would like to speak with someone about remembering Epiphany Cathedral Parish and/or School in your Will, please let us know. The wording of a bequest in your Will can be as simple as the following:

Parish Bequest: “I bequeath (the sum of $______) or (__% of the residue of my estate) to Epiphany Cathedral, located at 310 Sarasota Street, Venice, Florida, 34285, Parish Tax ID #59-0905506.”

School Bequest: “I bequeath (the sum of $______) or (__% of the residue of my estate) to Epiphany Cathedral School, located at 316 Sarasota Street, Venice, Florida, 34285, School Tax ID #59-1346327.”

For a printable copy of this information, click here.

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