Epiphany Cathedral Catholic Church

Senior Adult Activities

Senior Adult Activities

Adults meeting in fellowship.  All are welcome – all skill levels with some instruction available if requested.

Meet:  Year round, Wednesdays

  • Knitting and Crocheting, 9:30am—11:00am

       Contact: Dee Martorana 484-1008 or tdvenice@gmail.com

  • Quilting: 1st and 3rd Wed., 9:30am –11:00am (all year)

       Contact: Cathy Modjeski 488-5176 or cathymodjeski@verizon.net

                                 and Ann Dieter 539-1975 or wdietergpe@aol.com

  • Mahjong, 9:00am—12:00pm

       Contact: Gloria Lovelace 223-1793 or lovelacegloria55@yahoo.com